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Vacation Rentals

Owning an investment property for the purpose of short term rentals or vacation rentals can be a profitable investment. There are so many aspects that can make these types of investments successful or difficult. The rise in short term rentals has been significant in...

Job Growth In The Metro Area

  The Denver area continues to be in a strong growth period. Our real estate market is being supported by strong population and job growth. Here is a highlight of the new companies and industries thriving in the metro area. Many of the companies who are adding jobs to...

Navigating Homeowners Insurance

With all our recent natural disasters, fires, hurricanes and floods, understanding your insurance coverage is more important than ever. I set out to discover what we may not know about insurance and what tips brokers have for us. Often, homebuyers select their...

Finding Your Slice of Heaven – Buying Acreage Properties

Buying land or homes on acreage is very different from purchasing a single family home in a subdivision. There are several aspects to the purchase to consider. Aspects to consider are use of the land, zoning and restrictions, utilities and their availability, fencing and surveys.

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