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Gardening Trends ~

More than ever homeowners have been incorporating both indoor and outdoor plants and vegetable gardening into their daily lives. The focus on sustainability and easy access to fresh produce came to a head during Covid. So many innovative products have been created to help people grow their own plants and vegetables both indoors and outdoors. Vertical Wall Gardens- With space challenges vertical gardens  can be a great solution. They can be done indoors or outdoors. Everything from vegetables, mosses to succulents can be grown in wall mounted systems and some have hydroponic watering systems as well. Growing indoors allows us to have year round access to plants and veggies/herbs. There are lots of options for outdoor vertical wall gardens including trellises and mounted modular systems. Raised Bed or Potted Outdoor Gardens and Indoor Hydroponic- There is nothing better than fresh produce from the garden. The cost to create raised beds can be minimal and used containers or old barn wood can be used to build the containers. For those of us with short growing seasons starting seeds indoors is vital in early spring. Many seed companies like Baker Heirloom and others will deliver small starter plants as well as seeds. Indoor Hydroponic growing systems have become very popular and allow people to have year round fresh greens/ herbs and veggies. Many come with everything you need other than water and people now can easily grow veggies indoors in colder climates like ours!

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Spools, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs~

Pool sales have been trending since Covid forced many to close and people needed an at home source of recreation. Spools and Swim Spas can be above ground or in ground and are very popular in colder climates like ours. They can double as a pool or spa and offer quick access for a heated pool/spa experience. The swim spas often offer hydrotherapy jets and spa jets that allow you to swim in place.

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Glass Wall Systems~ Homeowners now more than ever want their views and outdoor spaces to be optimized. Commercial businesses have been using glass wall systems more extensively but homeowners are now seeking a more modern approach to windows/doors. Coastal communities are know for using glass wall systems but now we are seeing the trend move throughout the country. Both new home builders and private owners are installing these systems. Here are a few of the systems currently available. Folding Glass Walls create unobstructed openings and fold often in an accordian style. Sliding Glass Walls are essentially large floor to ceiling doors that slide on a single track. They are essentially stacking glass walls. Glass Garage Doors have been on trend for years and offer an easy way to create a seamless indoor/outdoor space. They can be used on all levels of the home to open onto patios, decks or in their traditional application as an actual door for the garage but with glass. Interior use of glass wall systems include use in walk in master closets and in many cases master bathrooms.

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Smart Home Systems~ Homeowners are using smart home systems at increasing rates. These systems at basic levels can manage automatic lighting, whole home audio, theatre and media, thermostats, video door bells/security systems, window coverings, networking and garage doors and door access, from your cellular device or though a control system in the home. The pace at which smart home technology is evolving is amazing. There have traditionally been professionally installed or managed systems like Control 4 or Creston, but more homeowners are installing and taking their home technology into their own hands. Here are some new trends: Mitipi, a Swiss startup has new technology in the home security realm that stimulates human presence while no one is home. This includes lighting effects, pre-programmed noises and so much more. Cava, a US start up developed a health tracking toilet! It completes daily waste analysis and provides a diet and nutrition analysis based on its findings. Mirro Cool, developed smart mirrors. The mirror functions as a personal assistant and can sync with your mobile phone to display upcoming meetings and calendar information. It can also double as a security device and detect motions or intruders as well. Cloud Rain, a German startup assists with centralized smart garden irrigation. It controls up to 5 wireless solar energy valves on plants/ gardens and schedules watering times.

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